Series Futsal Queensland

Men’s season 2018 Starting from 31st Oct – 12th Dec 10th April for 21 rounds plus finals – 8 team’s maximum.

Team season fee $ 2070
$600 sign up fee is to be paid when registering team by no later than 24th rd Oct. The remaining balance needs to be finalized by 28thth Nov,
Fortnightly payments are recommended.

All teams must have full matching kits with numbered jerseys. Players with non-matching kits will not be allowed to play.
Kick off times – 6.45 pm, 7.30pm, 8.15pm and 9pm, on Wednesdays at QSFC Acacia Ridge
2 x officials per games, 20-minute halves
One game (per week) live streamed.

Awards: MVP, Top goal scorer & Golden gloves.

Players transfer regulations for Elite leagues (Series Futsal and/or Premier league teams, Draft leagues, superLiga):

Transfer windows:
Opens 24th Sept, closes 23rd Oct
Opens 12th Dec closes 15th January 2019

A player is deemed a released player once he has not played in the last 6 matches for his club and he has agreed to move to another club.
Players must play least 6 game to be eligible for finals.
Both teams and players involved must request player’s transfer via email –
All transfers must be approved by QSFC

Finals promotion & relegation format (subject depending on number of teams)

Golden series Top 4 teams 1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd
Silver series teams 5th vs 8th, 6th vs 7th


Regular season Minor Premiers plus Grand Final Champions qualify into play- off vs last season premiers & Champions , 2 teams will qualify to Series Futsal Australia – Sept/Oct 2019. To be eligible for Series Futsal Australia 2019, teams must continue to play in QLD State Futsal Centre leagues, in case top 2 teams give away their spot in Series Futsal Australia, it will be offered to next best team on ladder or finals Series.
Series Futsal Australia will be either in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, or Sydney
Twice a year, competing in March/April & September/October.

Yellow & Red Cards Fines

$5 fine per yellow card.
$10 Red card.
Fees must be fixed before next game.


All teams must have a coach wearing a club Polo, coaches can not be a player or have played a match for at least 6 weeks. Teams without coaches will suffer a $20 fine per game that a coach is absent. To be qualified as a coach we are going to monitor that person is running the team, such as running subs, giving out instructions etc.

All fines (Cards & Coaches) must be paid prior to teams next match.
Failure in keeping fines updated will result in teams losing points to exclusion of the league.

How to register team

Step 1 – choose team name, Elite leagues (Series Futsal & Premier League) teams must be called a Brisbane suburb such as Carindale Futsal or Kenmore Fc.
Step 2 – register team at
Step 3 – add team members online

Since registration is done online direct debit may be most convenient, alternatively you can make payments in person, please bring cash or cheque (made out to QLD State Futsal centre).
EFTPOS is available QSFC Carina & Acacia ridge.

Bank account details:
Bank of QLD
BSB: 124008
Acc 22594883
QLD State Futsal centre
Use team name as reference

We recommend teams to collect upfront fees that way can ensure player’s commitment for whole season, Teams can offer players a payment plan as per below:
Based on 10 x players per team
Whole season team fee $2070
Per player $207 match fees
$100 up front then $53.5 fortnightly for remaining balance
We find that when teams collect fees up front, it is much easier to manage and player’s commitment is much higher.


QSFC – Carina 150 Fursden road, Carina
QSFC – Acacia ridge 1391 Beaudesert road, Acacia ridge


Any teams forfeiting a game in Series Futsal QLD will be referred to Series Futsal organisers commission.
Penalties range from points being taken away to total of league exclusion.

Borrowing Players & Filling in Team Sheets:
Please make your team members aware that by signing up for your team they are committing themselves to be available for the team whenever required, during the season.

• Organisers are to ensure that players all have Full matching kit, long socks and shin pads on when playing, also players must be ready to go on the court at the allocated time.
• Online Team Nomination form needs to be up-to-date, before each game and game sheet must be filled out (numbers/extra players/etc) with competitions manager, especially when you have changes in your team line up. This is important which will allow you to receive club information, special offers. We also run MVP, top goal scores and golden gloves awards and need the above information to be accurate.
• Automatic forfeit will result against the team that borrows a player from another Series Futsal QLD or Brisbane Futsal Premier league player. Players can be brought in to play from outside those two leagues.

Team Uniforms

Teams must provide own numbered uniforms, all jerseys, shorts and socks must be the same and matching in brands, if one or more players don’t have the correct uniform, they won’t be allowed to take part in match. If a team uses a player that doesn’t have correct uniform the penalty will be a forfeit against offending team.

Match Panel Reviewing

Any red carded players will be referred to a match panel. Referee’s report suspension notice will be issued by Friday prior to next match, we follow FFA player’s code of conduct.

Players/teams can request to review matches by match panel, a $150 fee to a review. The request must be emailed to us via team captain or organizer to

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